The Predictable Promotion™ System is designed to get you promotions and salary increases fast – before it is too late – so that you can enjoy the kind of success and recognition you deserve, without delay or disappointment.

Many companies have drastically cut back on internal leadership development programs as they rein in their budgets. So if you are serious about rapid career acceleration 2013 presents a rare opportunity. Those who invest wisely in their own futures – while their competitors lack the benefit of company sponsored programs – can immediately leverage a powerful competitive edge.

For 30 years I’ve been providing that kind of useful direction to help others enhance their value and earn predictable promotions in record time. That’s what I do best, and if you want to know what’s holding you back and exactly what to do to overcome those chronic obstacles then the Predictable Promotion System™ was specifically designed with you in mind.

Read what others have experienced working with Sarah
“Excellent! The insights in this CD prepare and position you to lead at a higher level with actionable change and remarkable levels of new confidence. Let Sarah grow your personal leadership and executive presence for higher performance and greater results!”
Steve Gutzler
President of Leadership Quest
Issaquah, WA
"I have definitely stepped into my power and would have never done this on my own."

“My experience with Sarah Hathorn’s Private Platinum Coaching Program was definitely worth the time and investment. Sarah’s positive coaching methodology stretched me to think bigger about the possibilities while overcoming the kinds of self-limiting belief systems that hold many leaders back. She challenged and supported me so that I could feel the confidence and trust in yourself that comes from breaking out of the comfort zone to realize your full potential.”

"I can design and define my own career destiny, and that is a life-changing feeling, both personally and professionally."
John Bonanno
VP, Cresent Resources
Atlanta, GA
"As a result of working with Sarah I have increased my professional presence and visibility among senior leaders"

“As a Director I worked with Sarah to up-level my professional presence. She shared with me a variety of ways to leverage my personal brand and attributes to communicate with impact, poise and confidence.”

"It was amazing to see how the little things resulted in a big difference using Sarah’s easy step-by-step methods. As a result of this journey I now feel more confident in my overall presence."
Sandy Allred
Senior Director, Mckesson
Atlanta, GA
"I highly recommend Sarah and her 1-Day session to anyone who wants to get amazing advice on their brand and professional presence."

“Sarah’s strong corporate background and experience with managing hundreds of people in a high profile organization was another huge bonus for me in terms of learning how to develop more cooperative and productive teams. She also showed me some really interesting ways to find and train the best people so I can build my human capital for long-term sustainability.”
Dr. Jesse Chai
Ontario, Canada
"I now own a strong, confident, and commanding presence that makes all the difference in my career."

“Sarah Hathorn made me feel six inches taller thanks to a new sense of self confidence after our 1-Day VIP Intensive Session. She listened to my challenges, designed a customized program for me, and gave me a detailed action plan and numerous tips so I could continue to work on professional development on my own. Now I communicate with impact and leverage my three V's – visible, vocal and valuable – for greater success. It was definitely worth my investment.”
Jennie Helderman
Atlanta, GA
"If you’re looking to become the 'celebrity' expert in your field, then Sarah’s platinum program is for you!"

“As a platinum client I have been working with Sarah over the past year. She is extremely talented. I wish every woman could experience her knowledge because being confident in your presence is a true gift every woman should receive and Sarah helps change female top leaders’ lives. I have loved working with Sarah over this past year and have had great success with her on my journey. If you are looking for a high-level professional coach who provides great value for the investment for your personal and professional growth, a partner who believes in you and makes you think BIG every step of the journey.”
Jo Kirchner
CEO & President, Primrose Schools
Atlanta, GA

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